BiOrb Life Aquariums

BiOrb Life Aquariums – a classy looking, with a sleek modern style, maintenance-friendly fish tank that has a place in every setting.

BiOrb Life

BiOrb Life Aquariums are one of the most eye-catching fish tanks on the market today. Whether you choose chili red, piano black, or ice white, you will find a color option that will easily find a place in your home, office, or business. The flexibility of the BiOrb Life fish tanks allow the option to setup the aquarium as fresh water or marine tank, and are available in 8, 12 or 16-gallons.

The BiOrb Life was created with everyone in mind. It is a great aquarium for the beginner enthusiast to the extreme hobbyist, from the family on the go, to the retiree. Even celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Ashton Kutcher, Jon Stewart, Jermaine Dupri, Ryan Seacrest, and Eva Mendes to name a few also own the BiOrb Life Aquarium.

The BiOrb Life Collection consist of three different models:

BiOrb Life Square 30
This 8-gallon aquarium is packed with just as much style as the larger models. As in the name this is the only BiOrb Life aquarium that is in the shape of a square. The size of this makes it even more flexible when determining locations for placement.

BiOrb Life Portrait 45
This is the 12-gallon aquarium with a rectangular shape.

BiOrb Life Portrait 60
16-gallon aquarium giving you the most volume and options for its occupants.

BiOrb Life Cost

The BiOrb Life Collection of aquariums are not the cheapest option for a fish aquarium but it is definitely worth spending a little extra for. Prices for the BiOrb Life range from approximately $250 – $500 depending on the model.

List of items included in the box
–  BiOrb Life 8/12/16 gallon aquarium

– 12V Intelligent LED Light

– Ceramic media

– Air stone

– Filter cartridge

– 12v Transformer

– Low voltage air pump

– Water conditioner and bacteria liquid

– Fish food

– Instructions

Maintaining your BiOrb Life aquarium

Filter cartridge replacement
Depending on the model, the filter cartridge must be replaced between 4 and 6-weeks. Every 6-weeks for the 8 and 12-gallon, every 4-weeks for the 16-gallon. This is also a good time to check the one-way valve’s operation. Here is how you check the one-way valve for proper operation:

Step 1
Remove the air-line from the pump.

Step 2
Lower the air-line below the water line. If water leaks, replace the one-way valve by cutting the air-line and swapping out the defective one-way valve.

Change water (30%)
Removing 1/3 of the water should also be performed as follows: every 3-weeks for the 8 and 12-gallon, and every 4-weeks for the 16-gallon.

Note: a Cleaner Pump (not included with purchase) is a convenient way to remove debris and water.

Every 6 months
Check the air stone for proper flow. The air stone becomes blocked by calcification which restricts the flow of bubbles into the aquarium. The air stone should be replaced if you notice a limited flow of bubbles.

Every 12 months
Over time the air pump could become noisy and a noticeable reduction in air bubbles even after replacing the air stone. If this is observed, replace the air pump immediately.

Green water
Green water is caused by algae. Although some algae is natural, if you notice a drastic change to green, you can purchase a No Algae kit to resolve this. Remember, excessive exposure to natural light promotes algae growth.

Cleaning the exterior
The outside of the aquarium should be wiped with a clean soft cloth to avoid scratching the acrylic surface.

List of things NOT to do with your BiOrb Life aquarium
– Do not submerge the light in water.

– Do not look into the LED light.

– Do not use aquarium gravel.

– Do not use household detergents, polishes or scouring pads to clean your aquarium.

– Do not turn the pump off. It should run 24/7 unless performing maintenance.

– Do not position the pump lower than the water level. (You can but doing so will shorten the life of the pump.)

– Do not remove the serial number.

– Do not use tap water to clean the ceramic media. (once setup) This will kill biological filtration.

Setting up your BiOrb Life

Setting up your BiOrb Life Aquarium is performed in 8-easy steps:

Step 1
Remove all items from the box. Place aquarium on a smooth level surface (not on or near electronics, do not move when full, avoid hot areas such as next to heating vents or windows with direct sun)

Step 2
Rinse filter cartridge. Slide up filter cartridge to the bubble tube and twist bubble tube until all tabs are fully locked.

Step 3
Insert bubble tube and filter cartridge assembly into the aquarium and twist a quarter turn to lock in place.

Step 4
Thoroughly wash ceramic media then place around the filter body. Be sure there is no ceramic media on the filter housing and discard any media smaller than a pea. (Do not use aquarium gravel.)

Step 5
Connect the airline to the pump.

Step 6
Plug the light and pump into the supplied transformer, then plug the transformer into your power source. (wall outlet, extension cord, etc.)

Step 7
Fill the aquarium with water to two inches below the top and add supplied Stress Coat.

Step 8
Allow the aquarium’s filter to run for 24-hours and then add Stress Zyme. All done, now you can add fish and other decorative items to personalize your BiOrb Life aquarium.

BiOrb Life FAQ

What material is the BiOrb constructed of?
BiOrb Life aquariums are made of acrylic which is much stronger that your standard glass aquarium.

Where can I buy one of the BiOrb Life aquariums?
The purpose of is not to promote any one sales option but to inform those looking to join the BiOrb family make an informed decision on their purchase. That being said, Biorb Life Aquariums can be purchased here among other retailers. It is highly recommended that you read this entire site prior to making a decision.

Are there books to help me?
BiOrb Life Aquariums come with everything you need to successfully maintain your aquarium. Unfortunately, at this time, there are no known books specific to BiOrb Life Aquariums but a book on general aquarium maintenance should do just fine.

Why should I buy a Biorb Life fish tank?
There are many reasons to own a fish tank, and particularly a BiOrb Life Aquarium. Here are a few of them:

– Stress reliever

– Great gift that will last forever

– Unique

– Easy maintenance which makes it a good choice for kids and adults

– Adds life to businesses and personal décor environments

Where could I put my BiOrb Life?
The compact size of the BiOrb Life Collection allows the interior designer in you to place your aquarium just about anywhere. Here are a few suggestions:

– living room

– bedroom

– theatre/game room

– den

– company break room

– office waiting area

– home office

And the list goes on. Regardless of where you decide to place your aquarium, it will definitely change the feel of the space.

What do I need to get started?
The benefit of the BiOrb Life aquarium is it has everything you need in the box. There is no need to purchase anything else in order to operate your tank. You will need to purchase fish and any other decorative items you may want after setup.

The BiOrb Life Collection of Aquariums is a great way to add life into a dead space. It is decorative and will be the conversation piece in any environment. It is easy to use making it an attractive choice for everyone.